Positive Parenting.....

Positive Parenting

For every job along the way we are given training and tools to complete the task.  For parenting, our most important job we’ll ever have, we are sometimes feeling ill equipped and in need of support and guidance to get through the more challenging days.  It’s important to recognize that we all need support on our journey and seeking additional training is a great step towards a more peaceful and less stressful environment for your family.  Congratulations on taking the first step towards gaining the skills to improve quality of life for yourself and your family.

The Benefits to Positive Parenting

In-Home Services:

Designed for busy parent (s) who would benefit from intensive, detailed and specific strategies based on the day-to-day challenges that are specific to your family.  Hourly Rate- $60/hour within a 30 mile radius of Daytona Beach.  $75/hour 30-60 miles of Daytona Beach.

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